The Neilson Watersports & Yachtmaster Academy delivered by UKSA


Unfortunately, the Neilson/UKSA academy remains frozen. We are working hard to bring back this fantastic opportunity, but this will not likely resume until we start moving into summer 2023.

Until then, we are pleased to inform you that our friends at the UKSA will continue offering incredible courses with assisted funding if required.

Qualify to work for Neilson with a guaranteed interview!

Contact – Claire Arnold
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With a shortage of qualified Yachtmaster & Watersports instructors to meet the demands of the ever-expanding activity holiday industry, we’ve teamed up with our brilliant training partners UKSA, based in Cowes on the Isle of Wight.


Working for Neilson is something that anyone with a passion for the outdoor life should get the opportunity to enjoy, and we aim to make these opportunities, and the qualifications required accessible to all.

The Neilson Academy scheme helps to remove some of the financial barriers faced by many who want to break into the active industry, and UKSA delivers the highest quality training. Together we’re bringing through the next generation of Neilson talent, so click below to find out more:


Neilson Yachtmaster Academy – UNAVAILABLE


Neilson Watersports Academy – UNAVAILABLE


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