When you’re with Neilson Active Holidays, you’ll be working hard, but the work is fun, and there’s always plenty of time to play.

You’ll need to be a natural communicator who can interact confidently with both our guests and other staff members alike.

Neilson is bursting at the seams with amazing opportunities, and we strive to be, not only the best active company to work for, but the first choice for anyone considering working overseas.

Although it’s vital that our team creates an excellent holiday experience for our guests, it’s equally important that our staff love working for us too!

Our UK Head Office team have collectively spent decades working overseas. We had the time of our lives,  made friends with loads of like-minded people, and created memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Ultimately, we’re also living proof that it’s more than possible to turn the seasonal life into a stable career, and we want to give anyone that shares our passion, the same fantastic opportunities.

The life skills & the experience to be gained from working anywhere within our programme are absolutely priceless! 

You’ll likely to find a confidence you never knew you had, you’ll become a more rounded and worldly individual, and all of this will stay with you throughout whatever future career path you choose.

What are the characteristics we are looking for in our team?


Qualifications and skills are essential; however, one of the main attributes that we always want to see shining through is your personality!

We’re in the business of providing amazing holidays, so the ability to display the following characteristics is essential. We don’t want our people wandering around staring at their phones all day long; we need you to be… 

  • Outgoing with a great sense of humour, a great work ethic and the right attitude!
  • Likeable, charismatic person and can bring a bit of individual magic to our team.
  • Able to bring out the best out in others! 
  • Caring with a contagious personality and tonnes of enthusiasm! 
  • Willing to learn, to develop your skills and share your expertise!
  • An honest, genuine character who’s kind-hearted with a friendly, helpful nature!
  • A grafter! Someone who’s not scared of hard work, always ready to roll up your sleeves and to get stuck in!
  • Always striving to be the best and can have loads of fun while you do it!
  • Happy to take ownership of your responsibilities and to get the job done right, every time!
  • A problem solver with the ability to use your common sense!
  • Punctual, accountable, sensible when required
  • Well-mannered with a positive outlook on life and a willingness to deliver outstanding holidays!
  • Happy to play your part in creating an unparalleled holiday experience for our guests

Why work for Neilson Active Holidays?

In addition to one of the most competitive seasonal packages in the industry, we offer you the perfect opportunity to develop your career, gain additional qualifications, and learn loads of new skills along the way!


1. Inclusive travel!

We’ll provide you with return flights from a UK airport near you, plus 20kg of luggage!

2. Inclusive accommodation, no bills to stress about!

We provide you with a place to call home and share all your overseas adventures with new friends!

3. Inclusive breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

We provide you with three meals a day, seven days per week. These will be served in the majority of our resort canteens, and will include a mixture of local cuisine and the occasional treat to keep you going all season long!

(Please note that certain resorts have different arrangements)

4. Money in your pocket!

A competitive monthly salary will be paid directly into your UK bank account.

5. Exclusive friends & family discount!

We want to help make it possible for your nearest and dearest to visit and enjoy the experience with you!


6. Total peace of mind!

We provide you with emergency medical and dental insurance. You’ll also have the option to upgrade your policy to a higher level of cover, should you wish!

7. Be the best – Training & development!

We’ll give you plenty of training and all additional support you require to help you develop your skills and get to grips with your new role!

8. Discover your new thing!

In your spare time, take advantage of the equipment and activities available in your resort!

9. Well-deserved ‘chill’ time!

You’ll enjoy one day off per week plus additional paid holiday paid during the summer. Head out and explore the local area, chill out on the beach or hit the slopes and sample the apres ski during the winter.

10. All-year-round work opportunities!

When you’re having too much fun, and you don’t want your season to end, dive into back to back summer & winter seasons!


Working with Neilson, the sky’s the limit! 

Our people are the backbone and the future of our business. Therefore, we’ll always ensure that our staff receives comprehensive and ongoing training.

As a business, we need to be certain that our team is equipped to exceed guest expectations and meet all of our legal requirements. 

We’ll help you to develop your role within the team, teach you new skills, and provide you with a platform to follow in the footsteps of many Neilson senior managers who have successfully worked up through the ranks.

There are former chalet hosts, now in charge of the largest hotels in our programme and former windsurfing instructors, who are now the operational & commercial masterminds behind our most prominent products.

If you’re willing to work, and you thrive under pressure, then you’re in for a challenging, but rewarding career with Neilson Active Holidays!

The Neilson Recruitment Process & Top Tips

You need to be realistic about your skill-set and play to your strengths. There’s nothing wrong with getting your foot in the door first, and then shooting for the stars!

Make sure that you read the job description thoroughly, and make a note of all the specific requirements for that role. Certain jobs require individual skills and qualifications.

You should make enquiries into gaining these qualifications locally and take a look at the Neilson Watersports Academy & Yacht Academy pages.

If you’re somebody that’s already really passionate about an activity we offer, and this is something you pursue this in your spare time. You could already be halfway there!

In this instance, if you feel that you might be able to make a good case for yourself,  you should get in touch. Neilson may consider investing in your future and getting you qualified, but remember you’ll need to tick all the boxes.

Give yourself the best possible chance and make sure that your application stands head and shoulders above the next person competing for a role. Be sure to read and complete every section thoroughly.

Don’t be shy or sell yourself short, let us know who you are, what you’re all about, and why you deserve a place on our team.

Neilson Online One-way Video Interviews

Once you’ve fully completed your application form, you’ll receive an auto-response from the team when you hit the submit button to say that we’ve received your application.

From this point, keep an eye on your junk mail and save any Neilson emails to your safe list. You’ll then receive an email within 24 hours to advise whether your application has made it through to the next stage.

If you pass the initial stage, you’ll then receive an email within 24 hours inviting you to complete an online one-way video interview. You’ll have 30 days maximum to complete this task and we cannot proceed with your application until your video interview is complete. After 30 days we will delete your application as dormant.

We would love to be able to offer everyone a job, but it’s essential to note that more often than not, the volume of applications we receive, far outweighs the number of positions that we have available. Therefore, the competition for these roles is fierce, so make the most of this opportunity and ensure that your application stands out from the crowd.

The screening process can take a long time, so please be patient with us. We have your information and we will be in touch. Once we have screened your interview, we will let you know whether or not we will be taking you further in the process.

Once we have made all the placements, we will send out the job offers. If it’s not possible to place you in a role immediately, we will contact you to let you know that we’ve moved you onto a waiting list. We will then keep you posted along the way and let you know if a position becomes available.


Neilson Recruitment