Throughout this site, we’ve made a huge effort to provide you with all of the essential Neilson job information. Wdon’t have a big recruitment team available 24/7, therefore, we kindly request that you take the time to read through our website before getting in touch, thank you!




We’re excited to share that following the UK Government announcement on Thursday 8th July, we’re resuming operating our resorts from the 30th July.

It’s been a long journey getting here, but at long last, we’ve made it! We’re finally getting back to the sunshine, and back to delivering amazing holidays. A huge thanks to everyone for the patience shown throughout these difficult times. 


We still have a few spots available for summer 2021, so we are looking for some exceptional people to step into the following roles ASAP:

Yacht Team – Flotilla Skipper (EU Passport or Greek residency holders only) 

Yacht Trainer

Watersports Instructors (Full Season)

Waterski & Wakeboard Instructors

Spa Therapist

Massage Therapist

Head Tennis Coach

Tennis Coach

Head Bike Guide

Bike Guide

Qualified Nanny 


We have always said that whenever our guests are willing and able to take the plunge, we’ll be here. We’re doing everything we can to ready ourselves, and we hope to bring as many of you as possible along for the ride.

While the pandemic alone has caused plenty of turbulence, Brexit has removed the ability for freedom of movement in the EU and continues to be a thorn in our side, but we’ll take care of all this.

This has caused a mountain of red tape to wade through, and we now have to work very differently; however, our specialist lawyers are ensuring that we’re well ahead of the game.

Although Brexit now allows us to accept applications globally, we remain fully committed to continuing to offer jobs to UK staff and already have pilot UK working visa projects running in Greece.

We’ve always approached summer 2021 with positivity and good intentions. It was difficult to imagine that all these months on that we would only be coming out of this now, but here we are!

As you will see from the summer pages of our job site, many positions are now oversubscribed. In light of the continuing uncertainty, the screening of interviews and the issuing of job offers has slowed down somewhat.

If you’ve already submitted your one-way online interview, don’t worry. We will pick this up again when we know exactly how many resorts we’ll be able to operate this summer and how many staff we will then require. If you’ve submitted your application, but not yet completed your one-way online interview, please do this as soon as possible to ensure that you’re in contention.

Don’t forget that unless you’re a returning member of staff applying to the same role as held previously, or you’ve been told otherwise, the interview is mandatory. .

You have a generous 30 days from receiving the initial invite to complete this task. After this time, your application will be automatically removed from our system as dormant, and you will need to re-apply.

Once we have full clarity on what’s happening and we’ve completed our initial job offers for summer 2021, we’ll not leave any applicants hanging in the unknown. We’ll contact everyone that has not been able to secure a role from the start as this won’t necessarily be the end of the road.

Any remaining successful candidates will be placed on a waiting list. You’ll then be given first refusal for any vacancies that open up, and if it does reach the point where we’re unable to offer you a role this year, please remember that there will be another season around the corner.

We’ve had a few questions about the vaccine. As a business we’re happy to see the success of the roll-out; however, Neilson has no influence or preferential access to the vaccine.

The jab is a personal choice, but we highly recommend that everyone gets the vaccination if it’s possible for you to do so. It’s not necessary to inform us about your vaccine status as this will be incorporated into our onboarding process if you’re successful in gaining a position with us.

WINTER 2021/22

For those interested in joining us for the winter season, you’ll understand that we’re fully focused on getting summer 2021 out the door. Due to the current circumstances we have decided to push back the opening of the winter applications. This will be review again in September – Click here for more information


We hope to open the applications for summer 2022 as soon as possible. Realistically, this will more likely be towards the end of August, but we’ll provide further updates here on the Jobsite and via the Neilson socials accordingly. 

All the best
The Neilson People Team

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Before sending any communications to the team, please be aware that we receive an extremely high volume of daily emails. Although we always try our best to respond to everyone, we’re a small team working in a hectic environment, so this can often be a little tricky.

If you’ve thoroughly read the site, and you find that the information you require is not covered, you don’t need to panic! Although we don’t provide a direct phone line to the recruitment team, we ask that you please do not call through to the sales team with any recruitment requests.

Instead, please drop us a friendly email, and we’ll do our best to get back to you, either by phone or email when it’s possible. Please be sure to provide the full details of your enquiry, along with your full contact information. Any communications that we consider to be rude or demanding will simply be ignored.


Incoming emails to the recruitment inbox are dealt with in order of priority and responded to accordingly. It’s worth noting that if we find your enquiry is covered here on the recruitment website, you’ll be politely redirected back here. 


Ultimately, you’re likely to be applying for a job, so it’s vital that you can display your ability to follow instructions. As stated above, we have made every effort to cover everything, so please make sure that you have read all of the provided information before making contact.  


Anyone looking to join our team in any capacity MUST complete an online application. We are only able to consider applications that have been completed via our online system, and we’re unable to reply to any applications via email. 

You’ll find a link to the online application form, along with any job-specific information within each job description. Please also certain that you’re applying for a job role that has been advertised as available. 

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