Throughout this site, we’ve made a huge effort to provide you with all of the essential Neilson job information. Wdon’t have a big recruitment team available 24/7, therefore, we kindly request that you take the time to read through our website before getting in touch, thank you!


The Neilson summer 2022 applications are OPEN! Please research Neilson and the relevant job role information here on our Job site before submitting your application. 

Only apply for the role/s that most suit your qualifications, personality, skill-set, and experience. Then it’s down to you – Show us why you’re the best person for the job. 

Please ensure that you supply all relevant qualification info and cover your interest/suitability for any other positions in your personal statement.

It’s only possible to apply for the job roles that are open at this time – If the job role/s you’re looking for are unavailable in the application drop-down menu – This role is likely oversubscribed and unavailable at this time.


WINTER 2022/23

The winter 2022/23 applications are not yet open. Please check back with us towards the end of August 2022, and lookout for updates via our social media. We will update the information here in our job site as we proceed.

We will also have a better understanding about any issues regarding UK passports for next winter as we move forward.

You will find further information covering our winter opportunities below.


Before sending any communications to the team, please be aware that we receive an extremely high volume of daily emails. Although we always try our best to respond to everyone, we’re a small team working in a hectic environment, so this can often be a little tricky.

If you’ve thoroughly read the site, and you find that the information you require is not covered, you don’t need to panic! Although we don’t provide a direct phone line to the recruitment team, we ask that you please DO NOT CALL THROUGH TO THE SALES TEAM with any recruitment or staff enquiries.

Instead, just drop us a friendly email. Our team works Monday to Friday, and we’ll do our best to get back to you, either by phone or email when it’s possible. Please be sure to provide the full details of your enquiry, along with your full contact information. Any communications that we consider to be rude or demanding will simply be ignored.


Incoming emails to the recruitment inbox are dealt with in order of priority and responded to accordingly. It’s worth noting that if we find your enquiry is covered here on the recruitment website, you’ll be politely redirected back here. 


Ultimately, you’re likely to be applying for a job, so it’s vital that you can display your ability to follow instructions. As stated above, we have made every effort to cover everything, so please make sure that you have read all of the provided information before making contact.  


Anyone looking to join our team in any capacity MUST complete an online application. We are only able to consider applications that have been completed via our online system, and we’re unable to reply to any applications via email. 

You’ll find a link to the online application form, along with any job-specific information within each job description. Please also certain that you’re applying for a job role that has been advertised as available. 

Neilson Recruitment