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SUMMER 2022 & WINTER 2021/22

WINTER 2021/22
It’s not yet possible to apply for winter 2021/22 because the applications are currently closed. We’re still working on our winter 2021/22 plan, but please see the update below. Things are moving a little slowly, but if you’ve not already done so, please register as indicated below, and we can keep you in the loop. Rest assured that we’ll let you know any information when we have it for you.

It’s been far from an easy ride for anyone since March 2020, but we’re buzzing to get summer 2021 out the door finally, and this is where we’re focused at this time.

In light of this, We’re still holding off on opening the applications for winter 2021/22, and therefore these will remain closed for now. Our winter programme is under review, there are various decisions to be considered, and we hope to provide additional information when we can.

Although Brexit now allows us to accept applications globally, we remain committed to offering jobs to UK staff and making any required visa arrangements. We hope to have this shaped into a fully rounded process by the time we switch focus to winter.

After the last few season have been wiped out, we are planning to go big for summer 2022. If you’ve got the qualifications, the personality, the experience and the skill-set for any of our summer roles, we want to know about it. If you’re not already working for us please register as indicated below.

We’re in the process of making plans to open the applications for summer 2022 as soon as we’ve dotted all the I’s, crossed the T’s. The summer 2022 applications will open firstly to our internal team and then we’ll open these externally thereafter.

Please research Neilson and the job role information here on the Neilson Jobsite before attempting to submit an application. We ask that you read all the information provided carefully and ensure that you are applying for the role that is most suited to your qualifications, personality, skill-set and experience.

It’s only possible to apply for the job roles that are open at that time. If certain job roles are unavailable in the application drop down menu, then this role is unavailable. You will find details about registering your interest to work us below.


 If you’re interested in receiving information about all forthcoming winter 2021/22 or summer 2022 jobs, please register your interest via the separate links below. We’ll contact you with news updates as soon as we can get things rolling.

Register your interest – Winter 2021/22

Register your interest – Summer 2022


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